Black and Silver Mixing Board

As Calgary’s premier one-stop event and festival production company, Pro Star Productions has rapidly emerged as Canada’s fastest-growing choice for top-notch production services, catering to clients worldwide.

Under the leadership of owner and Master Production Engineer, Sherman Chao, Pro Star Productions took a significant step forward in January 2020. Recognizing the need for expansion, Sherman spearheaded the move from a home/garage setup to a fully-fledged commercial location in the McCall industrial area by February 2020. The new 2500 sqft facility boasts a warehouse and showroom, providing a comprehensive and professional space to enhance their production capabilities.

The journey of Pro Star Productions faced unexpected challenges with the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, persisting through 2021 and 2022. Despite the hurdles, Pro Star Productions weathered the storm and successfully navigated the unprecedented challenges. As of 2023, they proudly mark their first official year of business post-pandemic, a testament to their resilience and commitment to delivering exceptional production services.

Pro Star Productions remains steadfast in its dedication to offering the best production services, showcasing its versatility and adaptability in the face of adversity. Whether local or global, Pro Star Productions continues to be a reliable partner for all event and festival production needs.